Publications and Blog Writing

Bookwyrming Thoughts

A book blog I started in 2012 as a high school freshman and continue to create posts today about books other forms of entertainment, in addition to blogging tips.

The Arts STL

The Arts STL was created in August 2017 after the end of PLAYBACK:stl, covering art in all different forms, particularly from the St. Louis area. Articles cover music, film, comics, books and theatre.

Video Squirrel

Formerly Zipline Live, Video Squirrel is a startup I interned during summer 2019 that turns video content into a point of sale and is shareable across various platforms. More unpublished articles are available upon request.

60 Seconds Online Magazine

60 Seconds is an online magazine produced by OmicsLive! where I interned as a book reviewer from August 2018 to May 2019, then as a website manager until August 2019. The site blends journalism with the fast-paced world of technology and articles can be read in a minute or less.

Other Pieces

Scheduling Posts [PDF] – a piece I wrote for Project Canvas, which published on November 15, 2018, featuring tips and advice about writing from young adults around the world.

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